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On the Final Concert

Our journey with Beethoven has finally reached its end. This project has been a major challenge for me as a musician transitioning from her 20s to ...


On the Seventh Concert

Particularly when playing a fugue, one has to control everything about the theme – being sung like a choir, overlapping and colliding. But I fel ...


On the Sixth Concert

The route by which profound emotions slowly lead, maze-like, to the climax is, I believe, created by the very existence of excitement within the v ...



お別れの後はいつか再会がある ―― しかし、もちろん必ずしもそうとは思えない――でもベートーヴェン ...


On the Fourth Concert

People absorb things from the moment they are born, and we artists try to express this, but what did Beethoven hear, see, feel and love in order t ...